Woot! Kitty hat!

For some reason, I seem to have more forward momentum than usual — I’ve finally deduced, transcribed, tested and written out my kitty hat pattern. Now all that’s left is to find a yarn option (the ones I’ve made so far have all used yarn I made by cutting up old thrift-store sweaters), write and shoot the tutorials, retool it to a kid’s size, get decent photos for each version and put the pattern together. Fortunately, I can crank out one of these bitches in an hour and a half, and I think I can do the kid version just by changing the gauge. I’m stoked!

What’s especially funny to me is that I’m putting so much effort into something that’s been made so many times, thanks to my crazy-ass incredibly high standards. But the end result is something I love, and I think it’s worth it, dammit.