When you assemble, you make an ass of … me. And, um, ble.

Davina bag

Still on a roll with the finishing work! I’ve assembled the pieces of the Davina purse. It took hours: It turns out I’m spectacularly bad at marrying pieces of fabric at opposite angles, especially when they’re blocked to different gauges. Like, seriously bad at this — as in, I haven’t been this bad at anything since I started knitting, when it took me six freaking weeks before I could create a non-wobbly, marginally even piece of stockinette with a stable stitch count.

Now it’s 4 a.m. and the bag actually looks like a bag instead of a long strap and a couple of very, very small place mats. I’d be excited, except I can’t look at it without thinking of the work still left to do: securing all the yarn ends, finishing the sides of the strap so the raw edges don’t show, lining the bag and installing a zipper. The sewing part’s easy when you have a sewing machine like mine, I hear, but I sort of haven’t learned to actually use the thing yet, so hand-sewing it is. And bonus: I have carpal tunnel, and I’ve never sewn in a zipper!

Tomorrow’s going to rule. I can tell already.