Totoros and long tails

Dammit, someone beat me to making an amigurumi Totoro! Good thing, too, because it looks way better than what I could invent with my rudimentary crochet design skills right now. At least there’s a pattern!

Amigurumi Totoro
Are you ready for this level of cute? I think not.

Obsessive much?

So, I’ve figured out how to knit brioche stitch flat on single-pointed needles, instead of knitting across each row with first one color and then the other with double-points or a circular. It requires being able to knit two-handed. Is this the kind of thing the Internet would care about, or are there so few people who can knit two-handed and want to shave ten seconds off each row of a scarf that I shouldn’t bother?

I guess the Long Tail theory — basically, the idea that the demand for less-popular ideas or products adds up to a significant part of one’s customer base — will eventually inspire me to do a tutorial on it. There are a million articles about casting on, but so far I haven’t found any about making brioche stitch less fiddly, and that kind of over-specific, trivia-bordering-on-mania content is exactly what I love about the Internet.