Third-wave knittingism

I’ve spent the last week trying to buy a knitting magazine. I’ve gone into four different stores with that itch for new patterns, and walked out empty-handed until today, when I dropped the cash for Interweave Knits, telling myself that maybe Eunny Jang‘s article on steeking would be worth the cover price, even though I don’t knit much fair isle, still haven’t had the patience to get all the way through a sweater and am not especially timid about difficult techniques. I’m the type who will bust out the crochet hook and drop a stitch 20 rows in double knitting to fix a mistake without flinching.

It’s just that the knitting mags are kinda dull right now. Big, baggy sweaters … bleah. Garter stitch — please kill me. Cute little cardis … yuck. I’ve got loads of patterns stockpiled and a bunch of books I like and lots of stuff waiting to happen, but that’s not what buying magazines is about. The magazines are about the creativity fix! I want inspiration. I want to see things I never would’ve thought of, garments that spark my own ideas and make me think in new ways about knitting. IK usually has something that makes me light up, but a sweater that looks like a blazer? Not exactly brain-breaking.

It got worse at Barnes & Noble: I paged through book after book of knit and crochet stuff, bored half to tears. There were plenty of stupid, unwearably “hip” and “funky” designs that look like they were made by bored preteens (and no, I’m not one of those people who thinks Knitty’s stuff is way too “out there”) that had no innovation, no style, no nothing. Ugh.

Corded Yoke pulloverWho needs more retarded felted bags or floppy, boxy sweaters? Can we please knit things that aren’t modeled by cheerfully square scrapbookers or teens wearing deliberately bad “vintage” ’80s get-ups or dreamy-eyed urbanites in flowing hippie gear? Who would drop $150 for the yarn for a chenille tunic? How many goddamned armwarmers and fingerless gloves do we need? (And if there are so many of them, why do I keep inventing new ones?) I get this knitting is fun, but that doesn’t mean my clothes have to be “fun.” (Hats excepted, I think.)

I guess the answer is less bitching and more change. Anyone else care to generate some revolution with me?