The thing about designing a knitting book …

The thing about designing a knitting book when you’ve never done it, nobody’s giving you guidelines and nobody’s even, um, asked you to, is that it’s hard to know where to start. The only thing that’s harder is not foundering in the details.

Before I can have a book, I need patterns. Before I can have patterns, I need designs. Before I can have designs, I need to sketch. Simple.

I can’t sketch until I have croquis to draw the figures on: fussy, but understandable. I can’t have croquis unless I’ve drawn them myself, from reference sources I like and that embody my personality and design style exactly: fussy, bordering on stupid, and exactly the kind of perfectionism that destroys art before it can even happen.

Solution: Draw the croquis on my computer!
Reality: Difficult to do without a tablet and stylus, because drawing with a mouse is a seriously bad idea with carpal tunnel.

Solution: Get a tablet!
Reality: I did get a Wacom tablet, but it’s not much use now that I’ve had to return the laptop I was borrowing and am now without a computer at home.

Solution: Draw with the tablet at work!
Reality: Never get to get home before 10 p.m.; hate life.


The real reality is, I’m being an idiot. If I want this done, I need to pencil in some time now, today, not “when I have time,” forget the croquis, and get some first drafts out. It might be smart to supplement that by going through my knitting books and figuring out roughly how many patterns constitute a knitting book. And it might be even smarter to go through my old patterns and get them ready for, if not the book, publication elsewhere. And then —

See how it goes? Now all of a sudden I’ve built myself hours of work instead of a little chunk of work. Talk about scope creep! So for tonight: Draw. Research a little. And get to bed early.

And tomorrow, more of the same!