Sweater moves forward

In the spirit of the Bible — that’s Strunk & White’s Elements of Style to this long-lapsed Catholic — I’ve decided it’s time to eliminate unnecessary words. The two candidates I’m axing, at least for a while, are “just” (in any sense other than “fair”) and “progress.” It’s too easy to use “just” as a qualifier or weakener (“I’m just thinking that …” or “It’s just that …”) and it’s lazy writing.

“Progress” is lazy writing, too, especially on a knitting blog. People use it when they haven’t hit any major hurdles or fumbled themselves into hilarious screw-ups, but haven’t done anything impressive enough to warrant a photo. Ergo … progress. Boring. You know what? That’s what progress bars are for. So, from now on, no more progress.

I mean, no more “progress,” in quotes. No-quotes-progress is still cool — don’t want to jinx myself.