Run run run!

Everything right now is a race to the finish! At work, we’re launching some major changes to the Web site’s functionality, and I’m the only developer here. All changes and fixes and edits have to go through me. I’m coding and uploading like a mad thing!

On top of that, I’m trying to finish another one of my brioche-stitch hats before tomorrow, so I can get pictures of the boyfriend in it. Laura over at Bella Knitting wants to debut my pattern at Stitches, and when she heard I was willing press the cute boyfriend into modeling it, she said she’d wait on photos from me before she printed. Stitches is next weekend, she needs a few days of lead time, I’ll need a day or so to process photos, cute boyfriend gets here tomorrow, and I’m busting ass on this hat as much as I can while fixing bugs and nursing the carpal tunnel.

I’d be stressed out by the page if I didn’t love it so much …