Put that in a box and stamp it

Yesterday I sent a project kit for my Double Dutch hat to Jared Flood of Brooklyn Tweed. You know what that means?

CallaIt means I’m FAMOUS!

Har. Actually, what it means is that the pattern’s really, really done.

As soon as I finished the first Double Dutch hat, I wished I could get one to Flood, because it seemed like something he’d like. He taps into the things I love about knitting — tradition, invention, love for quality materials, subdued but rich color and texture, and freakin’ great photos. In a world swamped with painfully twee knitting, I found a voice that sounded a little like my own, except that I use loads of exclamation points. (Hey, I’m working on it.) Hearing voices kinda like mine reminded me I do have my own voice.

And it isn’t a long stretch from finding my own voice to using it. I’ve got a bunch of patterns in various stages of completion, I’ve signed up to sell patterns on Ravelry and I’ve stopped doing the “aww, shucks” routine quite so hard when someone compliments something I do — not just with knitting, either.

Tucking the yarn into a priority mail box with the pattern and a quick handwritten note felt like really finishing something. I’m learning how to extend my reach, y’know? Now I’m not going back.

Now if only I could learn how not to sound like a raging fangirl when I e-mail my idols.