Well, damn. I sort of finished something. Torqued

After more than a year (a YEAR! That is CRAZY!) of working on, abandoning and restarting a fingerless glove design of mine, I’ve finished one glove. I swear, I must’ve reknitted this thing from scratch at least four times in the last couple of weeks, and reknitted the thumb gusset at least four more times on top of that. I tried four different ways of binding off, trying to find the perfect stretchy edge that wouldn’t make the ribbing flare out. (I know it’s neurotic, but dammit, I came up with a perfect solution for the cast-on edge, and I’ll be damned if I’ll settle for anything less on the other edge.)

And I’m still (still! Also crazy!) a little dissatisfied with the fit of the wrist. Fortunately, this fitting issue isn’t an issue at all for the intended recipient, but it does mean I get to retool it again, probably while working out the two-colored variation I just thought of a couple days ago.

And the worst part? I’m not even sure fingerless gloves are the greatest idea. Aren’t people sick of them yet? Googling “Fingerless gloves” +knitting +pattern gets over 1,000 hits, and there are more than 200 on Ravelry alone.

But none of ’em look like mine, so I might as well persevere …