Nude crochet: Now with fig leaves!

Can you believe it? The public needs little crocheted fig leaves to protect them from crocheted genitalia.

Crochet art by Ming Yi Sung Zaleski

Jacquelyn Martin, Associated Press

A piece from “Not the Knitting You Know” by Ming Yi Sung Zaleski

Exhibit of crocheted nudes returns – with crocheted fig leaves
“‘Public Art Private Parts” has returned to Washington, D.C. — only this time, the exhibit of completely crocheted pieces is drawing stares, giggles and even buyers instead of complaints.

Artist Ming Yi Sung Zaleski‘s nude figures created an uproar in 2005 when they were shown in the lobby of a downtown office building. She was asked to remove her work from the lobby show, “Not the Knitting You Know,” following complaints.

From The Times-Herald Record

I think the fig leaves are actually more scandalous than the original art. I dunno about you, but I’d feel a lot less sleazy hanging out with fabric folks au naturel than I would if I cruised up to a giant crocheted doll and lifted its leafy panties to check out its junk.

Not that feeling dirty would stop me. If I lived in D.C., I’d be bringing large groups of friends along for frenzies of fig leaf-investigation. It would be hilarious, admit it.

More from Not the Knitting You Know

Jacquelyn Martin, Associated Press

More from “Not the Knitting You Know,” now with fig leaves to protect you from oddball large-scale amigurumi, the worst kind of sexual predator.

Actually, the artist’s work is funny and bright and shows a fascination with sexual identity and a deep mastery of crocheting in three dimensions. Of course, with my crafter’s eye, when I look at the gallery photos, all I can think is “Wow, that’s some really amazing shaping” and “Man, I can’t even soldier my way through a sweater. How the hell does she do it?”

And if crochet boobies aren’t your thing, check out the Fish Out of Water, a giant four-legged rainbow fish!