My entire *arm* cracks, not just my knuckles

The short story: Carpal tunnel, wildly busy, extra work, some kind of crazy pinched nerve in my neck making my whole arm feel a little numb.

The slightly less short story: 1. All the above mean very little knitting is going on, but I finished a hat and should have a photo of it soon. One word: monkeys. Three more words: Imperfect but close. 2. I decided I should knit a hat for my astronomy teacher, since he doesn’t seem to mind when I knit during videos to keep from falling asleep. 3. Omigod I had the best possible idea for a layette set. Yes, a layette set. Yes, me making baby stuff — my version of baby stuff, anyway. I want to see if I can bribe Sarah over at Bella Knitting to loan me her infant sometime after it’s born to use as a model.

Also: So freakin’ busy! I shall have to schedule some time next week for me to lose it completely. I’m thinking either I try out the Crazy Bag Lady school of decompression, spending some good quality time smelling of piss and screaming aimlessly with my hair sticking out all over, or I change into pajamas and park myself in front of the heater with some cartoons and knitting. While it would be nice to make some headway on that Stitch Diva bodice or maybe start a Fake Isle hat, the yelling sure is looking good. Much easier on the wrists, too.