I’d been seeing the occasional lost-looking moth in my room for the last month or so and idly wondering where they might be camping out.

The answer: IN MY YARN STASH.

There are four skeins (one relatively pricey, the others a gift) of Snow Leopard Trust handspun camel yarn in my stash that are bitten into pieces, crawling with tiny larvae, embedded with little moth corpses and shedding tiny sand-like crumbs of moth crap.


Fortunately, the other items in that bin are mostly stored in plastic bags and seem untouched. I guess the moths were so enamored with the twig-laden, gloriously unprocessed and still slightly musty camel yarn that they didn’t notice anything else.

OK, I’m gonna go run to the closet and start tearing everything apart RIGHT NOW.


  1. Those four skeins were so righteously infested that I just threw ’em out. Fortunately, there were only a few unbagged skeins nearby, so I soaked them in water and microwaved them for awhile to kill any potential moth eggs, then dried them outside. So far, so good.

  2. I feel for you. I would want to cry. I have several sweaters with tiny little moth holes in them – store bought cashmere ): I got them in N. California. Since then I have purchased a cedar chest. I also have 2 antique chests (one was free and the other was given to me by my mother but cost too much money to bring home on the plane). I am going this week to buy a piece of aromatic cedar to have cut to fit in each of those trunks. I do keep all of my yarn in plastic bags and have not had any “incidents” yet. But I am really paranoid about this since I had store bought sweaters eaten.

    I have read that moths are attracted to items that are dirty from food “splashed” or dropped on a garment when eating – even the smallest little drop can attract the little fiends. They probable could smell your yarn because it was “raw”. So I hope these tips help.

    I haven’t had any problems since storying in my cedar chest, but I have run out of room like every good knitter does. I am hoping a few large pieces of aromatic cedar will keep the moths away in my other trunks too. (:

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