Learn to love the one you’re with

Let me just say, I loved my ex’s camera. He had a Canon Digital Rebel, and it was the first prosumer camera I ever touched.

Now, with the ex gone and me not quote ready to drop a couple grand for a camera of my own, I’ve got a Nikon Coolpix 5700. It’s slow. It focuses slowly, it takes about a week and a half to write a RAW file, and it just … well, it’s no pro camera.

First rows of a Koolhaas hatI spent half an hour last night taking pictures of the 12 rows of my latest knitting project, curling around it to shoot it from ground level, lying alongside it, crouching over it, endlessly composing and framing, taking the same shot over and over again to see if I could narrow the depth of field to enclose just the tip of a needle or a single stitch — completely losing myself in a way that I am learning is actually not normal for most people. Eh, to each his own.

But I’m very slowly learning that it’s not a bad camera, either. Once I got over the fact that it’s not the one I was used to, I learned to appreciate its beautiful lens, its knack for capturing deep colors, and compact size. No more accidentally whacking the lens on things! No more crazy carpal-related hand tremors caused by lugging around a giant chunk of plastic and glass!

Also, the macro settings? They make US7 needles look like telephone poles.