Beer cozy
Normal’s beer cozy. Note the fetching fringed scarf.

Some friends and I started a stitch ‘n’ bitch in Oakland! It’s a bit of a drive for me, since I live in the South Bay, but it’s a great way to hang out with my East Bay and SF friends. The first meeting was Wednesday and, of course, I completely forgot a camera. But I did get two-thirds of the way through a hat for M and Jovino’s Nabaztag, a WiFi-enabled gadget shaped like a rabbit that is the cutest damn thing you’ve ever seen. And, even better, my friend Normal made a beer cozy!

And there were kittens! They batted at JetKat’s dreads, tried to kill yarn and bolted around the floor until they finally crashed out in a tiny little heap.

As we’re all Internet freaks, today I made a “Knittas in da hood” tribe on, which is kind of like MySpace for freaks. When I saw I could upload a photo for the tribe, I decided that instead of stealing some random emblem or photo from a Google Images search, I’d make something cool, because that is the kind of genius designer person I am.