In which fate conspires to make me a hypocrite

After all that “I hate pictures of sheep” talk, and all that “sheep are stupid and messy and I hate that all knitters are supposed to love them” acrimony, I volunteered to illustrate something for the Stitch ‘n’ Seek game at Stitches West.

All I will say is that is has a sheep wearing a deerstalker, Sherlock Holmes-style. There is also a ball of yarn with a bushy mustache. And they are so freaking cute. I’ll post them here if and after the final versions get the thumbs-up.

I guess I have to amend my rule to say “All sheep and yarn drawings other than mine and Franklin’s are stupid.” I’m not trying to equate my awkward Illustrator hack work with Mr. Habit’s graceful little sketches — it’s just that everybody else steals their pictures of sheep from Google Images searches, so as far as I know, it’s just the two of us posting our own drawings.

[Edited to add: Oh, the hell with waiting. Here they are: I’m playing and I’m a clue.]

2 thoughts on “In which fate conspires to make me a hypocrite”

  1. Sheep may be stupid and messy, but wool is awesome and lamb is delicious. So I just can never bring myself to justify really disliking them. (But I’d still rather own a goat or an Alpaca.)

  2. I can deal with sheep themselves, it’s just the fetishizing part that freaks me out. Like, “Eeee, I have to have this [stupid overpriced knitting notion] because it has a sheep on it!”

    But lamb? Now that’s a good reason to keep sheep around! I like animals that are delicious *and* decorative.

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