I needed to buy it

… I mean, I don’t have any yarn in quite this color. That’s reason enough to bring it home, right?

West Valley Alpacas yarn
Two-ply, 100 percent alpaca yarn from our West Valley Alpacas field trip on Saturday

That said, this is some of the silkiest, shiniest alpaca yarn I have ever seen. It’s got bloom, sure, but it doesn’t look or feel hairy like most alpaca. It’s sleek, it’s the color of dark chocolate, and it’s beautiful.

Pictures from our field trip will appear as soon as Sarah finds out how to get the photos from her Treo without using Bluetooth. (I have a Mac with built-in Bluetooth, so for me, retrieving data from phones like that is effortless. Yet another reason to go Mac and never switch back: features you didn’t know you needed become essential.)