Hands: They are much better when they actually work

Since I have carpal tunnel — and have had it since I was about 20 — using a mouse for 40 hours a week like I do is incredibly hard on my hands. On days like yesterday, I’ll walk out of work with a mild ache almost reaching my elbows. At the gym, I dry my hair under one of those hand dryers that’s mounted at about eye level, because holding a hair dryer above shoulder level for more than a minute makes my hands go so numb that I start dropping things.

So knitting … not so much, some days.

But I got a Wacom tablet, a pressure-sensitive tablet with a stylus that works, basically, like a pen. I am using a pen to control my computer! It’s almost like magic! Right now I’m still adapting to the scrolling, which is weird but getting better, and the clicking. I tap it to click, click one button to right-click, and click the other side of the button and drag to scroll around a window. This is sometimes confusing, obviously, but I am very forgiving of gadget-related difficulties because any frustration is usually drowned out by my brain going “YAAAAY! Awesome new toy!”

Anyway, I’m hoping this thing will make my hands feel less like stiff, aching claws at the end of the week. That would make me much more likely to fish my knitting out of my bag and work on it when I have free time, instead of fruitlessly trying to find the combination of hand-stretches, grip exercises and knuckle-cracking that will magically make my hands supple and dexterous again.