First socks; next camera

I turned the heel on my first sock the other day. Looks perfect. Fits perfect.

I rule.

I got advice from my aunt about when to start the heel, since the pattern says “make the foot as long as desired” and I have no idea what I desire, since I haven’t done this before. (This pattern? Not so hot for beginners. If I weren’t so foolhardy and knitting-overeducated, I’d worry.) My mom and aunt learned to knit at school in Switzerland, where girls were taught how to “fry an egg, change a diaper and knit a sock” in finishing school, so they were all over the sock like fuzz on angora.

I ignored pattern instructions and went for a short-row heel. Decreased two stitches on the first round after the short rows, right over the heel, to nip it in a little (I have wide feet and narrow ankles) and mark where the ankle starts (I tend to lose stitch markers). Now I’m plowing through the ankle on my toothpick-sized needles and the damn thing is finally starting to look like a sock!

I also bought a new camera yesterday. I’m gonna have to cut back in other places for a while, and buying yarn is not gonna be an option for a month or two, but life without a camera was getting too frustrating and sad. I missed having the camera the way some people miss miss the one who got away.