Finished: Odessa

Odessa: doneOdessa
Started Sept. 27, 2006. Finished Oct. 3, 2006.

Yarn: Cashmere left over from a swatch for the yarn store where I used to work; no ball band. Needles: US3 circs for the ribbing, US5 circs for the middle, US3 circs for the rest of it when for some reason I couldn’t find my 5. Nobody’ll know the difference.

Pattern notes: Made for the Pretty in Pink chemo cap contest. Knitted minus the beads the pattern called for. A very elegant pattern: easy to memorize the stitch pattern, with an easy pattern stitch that wasn’t totally brainless. The finished product looks classy and deceptively complex — what I call a “low effort, high yield” pattern.

Would I knit it again? Hell yes! This one’s going to be a staple in my hat stable, I can tell.