Finished: Dead kitty double-knit hat

Dead kitty hat
Reversible double-knit hat with my Dead Kitty design
Started December 10, 2006, finished December 23, 2006. Blogged a week later because I wanted to get decent photos of it.

Dead Kitty hat
Lili models the Dead Kitty hat next to my dead ruminant wall. As soon as she walked in the door, I made her put on a hat and get her face up next to my skulls while I snapped photos. What an awesome friend.

Pattern: Mine
Yarn: Caron “Simply Soft,” 100 percent acrylic
Needles: US #7
Dimensions: Errr … head-sized.

Pattern notes: Well, the good things first: A super fast knit — all that stockinette goes so fast, compared to my last project, a scarf in brioche stitch. It was also incredibly easy, since I cranked it out in a couple days using one of the generic hat patterns I carry around in my head, slightly modified to accommodate the double knitting. And it’s reversible!

Bad things next: Jesus, was I drunk when I put the join dead front and center? It’s all I can see when I look at the thing. And the yarn! Eee. I’m so happy to be done with this acrylic. And is there any way to make double knitting look OK on a hat? I think maybe a tighter gauge would suit it better, so the design doesn’t get lost when the hat is stretched over the wearer’s head. Also, all that stockinette (All stockinette! It’s all you can see, inside and out!) is not so forgiving of the occasional odd-sized stitch — they stand out like crazy. Should get better once it’s washed, though.

Would I knit it again? I have to. My model, Lili, wants a hat to match the Dead Kitty scarf I’ve promised her.

Dead kitty hatYay for skulls!