Finished Barrel of Funk hat (own pattern)

OK, so this isn’t the most exciting update, since there are no pcitures, but I was kicking myself for not posting or finishing anything recently. Then I realized I actually had a completed item — and I gave it away today. It’s a hat and it’s got monkeys. The prototype wasn’t quite up to par, but I’m making another and will release the pattern soon.

Category: Hat. All I design are hats, apparently.
Started Feb. 11th, 2007, finished March 1.

Pattern: One of my own. Basic hat with a charted design around the brim.

Yarn: Knit Picks “Andean Silk.” A pleasure, but the revamped hat will be in KnitPicks “Swish,” their plain-jane superwash wool, because I’ve made up my mind lately that hats really should be machine-washable. The “Andean Silk” was soft enough that it had a slight haze to it, which I don’t really like too much in a Fair Isle pattern that needs to be nice and crisp.

Needles: 7’s and 9’s. I discovered I had to go up two needle sizes to get the same gauge in two-color stranded knitting as in regular stockinette only after I’d done the whole body of the hat on too-small needles and ended up with a too-tight hat. When I wore the hat, it fel tlike someone was hugging my head, hard.

Pattern Notes: Ribbing at the bottom was too short and loose. The non-beta version will account for this. Fortunately, the recipient of the hat had no problems with this — the hat looked great on him.

Would I knit it again? I’m gonna have to, and soon. One person at my stitch ‘n’ bitch has asked me for the pattern and someone at school wants to learn to knit to make on of these. (Yikes.)