Finished: Alpaca scarf

Brioche-stitch alpaca scarf
Category: Knitting
Started Dec. 2, 2006. Finished Dec. 16.

Alpaca scarf

Pattern: Mine.
Yarn: Classic Elite Inca Alpaca in black and Inca Print in the “Zen Garden” colorway, one skein each.
Needles: US #5/3.75mm.
Dimensions: 3.5 inches wide, several feet long. (No, I’m not gonna break out the tape measure. It’s a stretchy stitch pattern, so the scarf is anywhere from five to six feet long, depending how hard you’re pulling on it.)

Pattern notes: Oh, man. Brioche stitch is a perfect match for alpaca: it knits up into an incredibly plush, springy, thick, lofty fabric that’s a treat to handle. The whole time I was knitting the scarf, I would hand people a few inches of it and tell them to squish it in their hands. It felt that good.

It got a little monotonous — that’s knitting scarves for ya — but after about a foot or so of knitting across each row twice, once with each color, and getting annoyed and bored with the extra work, I devised a way to knit brioche stitch two-handed, using both colors at the same time. It cut the knitting time dramatically and made me feel like a total genius. I’m going to put up a quick tutorial on this site about it in the next week, since I’ve been getting so many search engine hits about two-color brioche stitch. I also think the two-handed technique would adapt well to knitting two-color brioche stitch in the round, which would be useful: I want to see what the stitch looks like worked up in cotton, and I’ve owed an ex of mine a knitted hat for, um, two years? Yeah, two years. I think it’s time to make good on that.

Would I knit it again? Yup. Brioche stitch is interesting to knit and the yarn feels so completely dreamy that even I got through this one with minimal Knitter’s ADD. The other two-color brioche stitch scarf patterns I’ve seen online don’t have very neat edges, and I’m very picky about things like that. After engineering an edge stitch I liked, I feel compelled to share. If I can make the two-handed technique work in the round, I’ll make a pattern available for a hat/scarf set.