Definition: hat freak.

I made a kitty hat for my buddy Sonya from an angora-wool-blend thrift store sweater, and then we went and got donuts while both wearing our kitty hats. We were badasses with fuzzy hats riding around in her giant El Camino! We are so tough!

Sonya in a kitty hat of her ownScowling: Me in Sonya's hat
Sonya (left) and me (right), each wearing her new kitty hat. My scowl is faked: I look like I’m trying to kick the photographer’s ass, but I took the photo myself.

At the Salvation Army, I heard some little kid saying “Mira! Mira! Mama, mira!” (“Look! Look! Mom, look!” in Spanish) and thought “Jeeez. I guess kids are the same in all families. Yeesh,” then I looked up and saw that a little girl with a huge smile was pointing at the ears on my hat. Sweet!

Also: I caved in and bought a My Little Pony because it was wearing a goofy hat and ski goggles, like a little raver. In total 12-year-old style, I immediately gave it a makeover. It now has a drastic haircut styled in a vaguely Farah Fawcett ‘do, and a legful of Sharpie tattoos.