Dead kitty scarf: approaching two-thirds completion

Dead kitty scarf: 64 percent complete
Oh, man. I feel like I’ve been working on my Dead Kitty scarf forever. It’s my own fault; I let it stagnate for a month in the near-the-couch project bag, which is close to the bottom of the project-bag hierarchy.

Projects that live in the very-small-and-portable project bag that fits in my backpack and can double as a purse are finished pretty rapidly. Projects in the medium-sized but conveniently multipocketed bag have a weeks-long turnaround time but usually make it to completion. The under-the-desk project bags are where the freaks and stillborns are hidden: ideas that didn’t work, tangled yarn too good to throw away that’ll take two hours to restore to reason, 10-percent-done pieces waiting to be ripped out and reskeined, and boring projects worked in indestructable yarns that squeak and scratch when knitted for gifts (e.g., hats made of Lion Brand “Homespun” to be given away as playa gifts next year at Burning Man).

The next-to-the-couch project bag is a bit like debtor’s prison in depressing English novels: the projects, mostly completed or at least well started, wait out their time in the dark far from the light of the world, crammed together with stray sewing supplies and stitch markers and odd balls of thrift-store yarns awaiting evaluation, until they’re either rescued and finished, or abandoned, their little corpses stuffed into the under-the-desk pile to await processing.

I fished out the scarf and have been forcing myself to do one repeat of the pattern each night that I don’t have crazy amounts of homework. After Justin falls asleep, I don my mighty studio headphones, cue up Cast On and settle in to at least a solid hour of work to produce a pathetic 5 inches of scarf. It takes forever: it’s double-knitted, so I’m actually knitting a both sides of a double-sided scarf at the same time, and I’ve been taking great pains to make sure that all the repeats actually match — on this side of the scarf, anyway. There was a little bit of unfortunate variation going on among the first pattern repeats, but I’ll be damned if I’m ripping back weeks of work for a couple of misplaced stitches that only I would notice. I’m also shaving the time down a little by knitting with two colors at once and knitting backward instead of turning the work, so at this rate, it should only take me about five freaking years to be done with it.