Cute little debbil

OK, I think I get it about babies. They’re like dogs, except they look like little old men. They’re weird and funny and friendly and slightly neurotic. They constantly want food. You can dress them in whatever you want, and also like dogs, there’s a good chance they’ll try to eat whatever you dress them in.

And they’re small! They don’t seem small when you’re holding them (Sarah says Measure weighs 18 pounds now — the same as a big turkey!) but a baby hat sure kits up in no time at all, especially with bulky yarn. It was so weird knitting something that worked up at three stitches per inch on size elevens — I ripped out the top three times to get the sizing right without even flinching because I knew it would take no time at all to reknit.

Which is good, because I’d been promising a devil hat for Measure since before Measure was actually born, and now that he’d hit the six-month mark I was feeling like a serious slacker. I had the hat mostly done this week, so when I went over to Sarah’s, I pulled it (still bristling with double-points) onto his head to check the fit, redid the top decreases, then knitted little horn buds and sewed them on. Presto! Done! One devil baby coming right up!

We put it back onto his head, and he promptly yanked it off and started chewing on it. Hmmm. I think newborns, which are less grabby and squirmy, may be slightly better for dress-up.