Crocheting at work, minus the crochet. Or work.

We’re finishing early-ish at work — well, I am, anyway — and all I want to do is break out the pink bag-to-be. I mean, dude, I just got to a part where the crochet changes color and direction! It totally psyches me up and gets rid of that “Oh god this is total drudgery” feeling. It’s like new project + feeling of progress from previous work, all rolled up into one ball of yarn so cheerful in color that I want to smack it around some, just on principle.

But it’s all dudes in this office, except for me, so the crochet is not so welcome. Women (and guys who really like women, or have fond memories of their moms or grandmas knitting or crocheting) will usually let me get away with it, but as soon as I pick up a project, someone here asks “Um, do you need something to work on?”

If I don’t, they ask me to proofread pages, which is weird because whenever I ask if I should proofread pages, they say “no.” I guess it’s reassuring that there’s no eerily-in-accord hive mind going on, but some days I just want to hit my head on the desk until I don’t have to think anymore.

And maybe one day, if I work very, very hard, I’ll get a desk of my own and won’t have to render myself unconscious with the desk of whoever’s got that day off.