Chemo cap, Mark II: A rose by any other name

More chemo cap goin’ on over here. I’m kind of a hat fiend, so this is the perfect project for me. The next hat is my standard top-down beanie, worked not on the last project’s 3s and 5s but on blessed, blessed 10 1/2 DPNS in the split stitch from this Knitty pattern.

I’m using doubled L**n Br*nd Micro Spun. $2.50 for a ball of yarn?! I know I’ve got a loathe on for the brand, but honey, this is my exception. This stuff is plush and soft like brand-new fleece, comes in black and red ā€” the only colors that matter ā€” and at this price it could make me go all Romeo and Juliet in the middle of the yarn aisle at Joann’s, which is foreign territory, indeed.

If only it weren’t Lion Brand, I wouldn’t have to get all squeamish about buying it. Maybe it’s how let down I was the one time I knitted something in Wool-Ease and it started pilling while it was still on the needles, or my stint at a high-end yarn store that nurtured the fiber snob in me, but dang. Lion Brand? Yeesh. “So Micro Spun would, were it not Lion Brand call’d, retain that dear perfection,” indeed. I thin I’ll call this pattern “Montague.”