Call for Burning Man leaves!

burnertree.jpg OK, this one I dig. Someone from my stitch ‘n’ bitch pointed us toward this one: a project, “A Tree Undone,” planned for the Burning Man festival this summer that needs knit and crochet leaves — lots of them — for people to unravel during the event. And the leaves are supposed to be made of acrylic, so I don’t have to buy anything!

This would be perfect: short-attention-span-friendly, eminently portable and fun. If I can’t make it to Burning Man this year because of school, at least I’ll have a way to connect this thing I love (knitting) with the event.

I’m not really a part of the whole cultlike burner fanaticism. I tune out when people start saying “Oh I love Burning Man, it changed my life, it changed everything, it is so real and I think my (mom / dad / best friend / spouse / coworkers / mailman) would love it even thought they’ve told me twelve times in the last week that they can’t stand dust, loud noise, bad techno or hippies. I mean, it’s not about the drugs, it’s about the community.

Don’t even get me started on playa names.

Aaaaanyway. I still love the event, because dude, I get to spend a week hanging with my buddies in a brain-breakingly gorgeous desert at what is basically weirdness theme park with a free bar on every corner.

I know how much fun it is ripping out knitting (example: the first three inches of the Stitch Diva bodice, now on attempt #4 thanks to some less-than-diligent increasing). I want to pass that joy on to others. A little effort on my part might mean that next Labor Day weekend, some tripping faux-hippie with faux dreadlocks made from Lion Brand Homespun or Rowan Big Wool (both yarns I have spotted out there) gets three minutes of joy out of unraveling something made with care.

When you’re tired and cracked out, you’ve been dancing for hours, you’re out of water, you’ve lost your goggles and your dust mask and you can’t find your favorite hat or your other sock or (worryingly) your drugs because you have too many pockets and can’t keep track of what went in which and when, the smallest things can make you unbelievably happy. I think unzipping row after row of knitting without having Mom yell at you for it would be pretty amazing.

And I like making people happy, as long as they’re not smelly, preachy or way, way too drunk.

If you’re interested, check it out!