Berets on the brain

At least if the zeitgeist is thirsty for berets, it also has a serious supply of them on tap. Sarah referenced Porom, the new brooklyntweed beret, in the last post’s comments and I really liked that one. I figured hey — might as well round up a few stylish beret patterns that won’t leave your head looking like it’s been attacked by a giant, floppy sea urchin. (Except Porom, which looks like a giant floppy sea urchin in the good way.)

Since I can’t knit ’em all, after some exhaustive Ravelry searching, I settled on the Bousta Beret — the subtle-but-complex stitch pattern hooked me immediately, and in the Ravelry projects, every variation on yarn and size looked fantastic. Best of all, it calls for DK-weight yarn, so I can use that red cashmere I mentioned. Sweet! I don’t have to shop before I cast on!

So here’s Bousta and all my runners-up, with links to Ravelry patterns and projects:

Bousta Beret
Bousta Beret
. Gorgeous photo and example by FlickaFish.

Trinity Stitch Hat
Trinity Stitch Hat
. Example by Reecie; check the photo for a rad tattoo! Free pattern.

Cassidy’s Cap
. Would you look at those cables! Example by tammyknits.

DROPS Basque
DROPS Basque hat with lace pattern
. Free pattern.

February Beret
February Beret
. An instant classic. Free pattern.

Jared Flood strikes again!

Selbu Modern. Just look at it! It’s perfect! Free pattern.

Marronglace Beret
. Crochet, for those of us who go both ways.