Montague pattern previewMan, Ravelry is cool.

I had my Montague hat pattern up for months, and aside from a couple of comments (thank you, commenters!), didn’t hear anything. And then … Ravelry.

I found someone’s project notes for it on Ravelry, where someone noted that the metric needle sizes were wrong. By that point, the original Illustrator file was only on a hard drive that had been yanked out of a computer and parked in a drawer somewhere, so I was out of luck when it came to editing.

Yesterday I was feeling a little layout-antsy, and laid the pattern out all over again at work after hours. I’ve bought a lot of patterns online since I first made my pattern, so when I redid it, I addressed a bunch of the things that drive me nuts about the ones I see online.

I replaced the copy on this site with the new version, and then uploaded it to my Ravelry store. (I love that they’re letting people post patterns for free — and I can’t wait until they roll out the actual store. Built-in pattern store! How rad is that?!) Everything just plain worked. It was amazing. With any luck, people will knit it and comment on it, and I’ll be able to keep refining it.

And now the tricky part: making everyone on Ravelry want to knit it. Bwa ha ha!

Anyway, if you’re looking for it on Ravelry, it’s here: ravelry:montague