2006 wrap-up: It was definitely a year, all right.

    Things I learned about crafting this year:

  • I learned to crochet. Then I learned about amigurumi and had a reason to crochet.

  • I learned that instead of making things for people, I can announce that I am making things for people and get an immediate rush of gratefulness and excitement from them and a big swell of “Aren’t I a great person for doing this?” sentiment for myself, not to mention days or even weeks of wearing the item myself once it’s done and raking in the praise from strangers. This is much more immediately rewarding than deciding to make something for someone, slaving away in secret and then seeing the recipient excited about it for all of five minutes before he or she takes it home, where I rarely or never see it.

  • I learned that I make cool things. This is a simple but incredibly powerful lesson. This weekend, a friend came up to me and said “So, I saw our friend Rico recently, and he was wearing these amazing gloves with skulls on them. He told me you made them. Now, I am not asking you to make me a pair, but can you teach me how to make them?” The gloves in question were ones Rico had requested — nay, demanded — after seeing the ones I made for my boyfriend. That means two people saw them and loved them. A third person saw the gloves I made for Justin and loved them and then stole them, and will go forever undetected because that happened in Sweden, which is very far away. Dang.

    So after months of people making a fuss over the things I make, and with the incredibly picky boyfriend saying “Um, wow. This is amazing” at a number of things I’ve made, it is finally starting to sink in: I make cool things. My dumb hobby actually impresses people.

  • Cool blog plug-ins rule. For reals. Beta-testing Eve’s Progress Bars plug-in was one of my favorite blogging experiences ever: getting to watch something cool go through different iterations so I could see it getting cooler. Wow. Hearts!

  • My mom is so proud and excited about my knitting that she thinks the skulls I keep knitting on things are clever and attractive, and not just weird.