A model model

Sometimes you go out to shoot a pattern photo, and you pull a sample for a completely different knitted item at the last minute out of your bag that you still haven’t photographed, and hand it to your friend whose dress and tights and eyes and hair all match it perfectly, and whose art school background means wearing wool on a hot day on a busy street to pose for photos is just about the least embarrassing, odd-looking thing she’s ever done on film, so she does it all with unwavering gravity, impressive naturalness and a blessed lack of squinting.

So today I got some really wonderful knitwear shots for one soon-to-be-rereleased pattern and one brand new one. An excellent day!

Yarn is my friend


Photographing my stash for Ravelry is the most ridiculous pastime I’ve indulged in lately. I have a big glass fishbowl full of completed handknits that don’t have photos, and my project page is all gap-toothed and filled with grainy cell phone placeholder images, but my stash page: gorgeous. To my eyes, anyway.

I could justify it by saying that having an accurate, illustrated stash helps me plan out handknits and samples, and paging through yarn photos in my stash stays the impulse to stock up on more skeins, but that would be beside the point.

It’s more about how easy it is to shoot yarn (lay it on the wooden chest by the window; shoot; move to the couch and upload photos) than knit projects (clear an area to shoot in; locate or be a model; shoot a zillion photos that make the handknits look good and the model look even better; if I’m taking photos of me, lose the camera remote down a sleeve or in a pocket and have to stop everything to find it; apologize a zillion times that I insist on shooting at wide-open apertures on an old manual lens so an embarrassingly large percentage of photos end up missing “gorgeous and atmospheric” and land squarely at “hopelessly out of focus”; get the photos off the camera; marvel at how many goofy expressions people make when they try to look model-serious, especially myself; upload photos).

Yarn sits. Yarn looks pretty and full of possibilities. Yarn doesn’t complain about getting the sun in its eyes. Yarn is my friend.

Saint Valentine

Bolt shawl

I finished a project! It took me months and months, but I love it. I love the colors, it’s loaded with my favorite thing — stripes! — and lots of them, the asymmetrical shape means it stays put on my shoulders, and it feels like a cloud.

I even got motivated enough to get a replacement memory card for my camera, and took the first non-cell-phone photo I’ve taken in months. It’s sort of a blurry mess, but I’ll have a chance at a do-over once it’s daytime and I have some natural light.

I named the project for a Gregory Alan Isakov song on the day I finally got to see him in concert last summer, and wove in all the ends on the way to a concert in Sacramento this week to see another band, Typhoon. I’m, uh, motivated about music, you could say.