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Well, damn. I sort of finished something. Torqued

After more than a year (a YEAR! That is CRAZY!) of working on, abandoning and restarting a fingerless glove design of mine, I’ve finished one glove. I swear, I must’ve reknitted this thing from scratch at least four times in the last couple of weeks, and reknitted the thumb gusset at least four more times on top of that. I tried four different ways of binding off, trying to find the perfect stretchy edge that wouldn’t make the ribbing flare out. (I know it’s neurotic, but dammit, I came up with a perfect solution for the cast-on edge, and I’ll be damned if I’ll settle for anything less on the other edge.)

And I’m still (still! Also crazy!) a little dissatisfied with the fit of the wrist. Fortunately, this fitting issue isn’t an issue at all for the intended recipient, but it does mean I get to retool it again, probably while working out the two-colored variation I just thought of a couple days ago.

And the worst part? I’m not even sure fingerless gloves are the greatest idea. Aren’t people sick of them yet? Googling “Fingerless gloves” +knitting +pattern gets over 1,000 hits, and there are more than 200 on Ravelry alone.

But none of ’em look like mine, so I might as well persevere …


Couldn’t update for forever, because a WordPress plug-in was acting up and preventing me from logging in. It took me awhile to remember that oh yeah, I can just delete it. Done!

Still barely knitting. Work’s keeping me busy, and all knitting capacity I have right now is being spent on friends’ delayed holiday knitting and in filling requests. Those damn fingerless gloves for guys never do go out of style, do they?

The other knitting-related project is a lot harder: wrangling a knitting group. I’ve been making noise about it lately, and trying to get it rolling for months, and now that the schedule’s well and truly up in the air because of the holidays, people are asking about it right and left. Bah! I’m a horrible promoter, so steering this cantankerous beast is hard work. Arranging, promoting, telling people, talking it up … all to have just the same few people, me and my housemate and two loyal knitters, show up. They’re actually better at showing up than I am, actually.

But Ravelry and other online venues seem to be stirring a little interest, which would be nice. I know I could just surrender and start going to a knitting group in Alameda or Berkeley or one by my work in San Francisco, but it’s frustrating. It’s too easy to give up on Oakland and head for the gentrified parts of the Bay Area instead when you want something. Not many people are trying to generate culture here, right where we live. There are little clusters of activity centered in the factories-turned-artist-lofts along my street, but they go pretty quiet in the winter, when the residents start to feel the effect of large, drafty spaces and poor insulation.

But we’ve got a heater and four couches in our living room, and enough stubbornness for at least four people, so it’s just a matter of time. I’ll keep plugging away at it, and hyping the comfortable atmosphere, the swift and ball winder, and the ferocious devotion to creativity, and eventually people will catch on.