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We got some photos of the finished hat in the proper yarn just before the boyfriend had to go. We got this photo at the airport, in the last of the evening light:

The boyfriend wearing a Double Dutch hat that I promised he could keep after Stitches.

Still plugging away at my knitting projects — lots of work lately and not much life. I can’t wait for it to be spring. As cute as winter clothes are, I’m going nuts with the gray and the rain.

Impending FTW

One of my back-burner patterns is a kitty hat, something a little more complicated than the usual “knit a rectangle and sew it up the back” styles. After fine-tuning my prototype to my maniacally high standards, I’ve been wearing it around to see if anyone bites. I’m all about feedback: I know I’m onto something good when obvious non-knitters are drawn to whatever I’m working on. The best is when people come up and ask about the finished stuff I’m wearing.

So far this one’s a winner! Both times I’ve worn the kitty hat, someone’s asked me about it or complimented it. And — bonus! — nobody’s asked if I made it myself, which means it looks pretty finished by non-knitter standards. Should be fun!

Cute little debbil

OK, I think I get it about babies. They’re like dogs, except they look like little old men. They’re weird and funny and friendly and slightly neurotic. They constantly want food. You can dress them in whatever you want, and also like dogs, there’s a good chance they’ll try to eat whatever you dress them in.

And they’re small! They don’t seem small when you’re holding them (Sarah says Measure weighs 18 pounds now — the same as a big turkey!) but a baby hat sure kits up in no time at all, especially with bulky yarn. It was so weird knitting something that worked up at three stitches per inch on size elevens — I ripped out the top three times to get the sizing right without even flinching because I knew it would take no time at all to reknit.

Which is good, because I’d been promising a devil hat for Measure since before Measure was actually born, and now that he’d hit the six-month mark I was feeling like a serious slacker. I had the hat mostly done this week, so when I went over to Sarah’s, I pulled it (still bristling with double-points) onto his head to check the fit, redid the top decreases, then knitted little horn buds and sewed them on. Presto! Done! One devil baby coming right up!

We put it back onto his head, and he promptly yanked it off and started chewing on it. Hmmm. I think newborns, which are less grabby and squirmy, may be slightly better for dress-up.

Gimme a “YAY!” and a dead cat!

Dead Kitty hatOK, so I’m a month late spotting this, but check out this hat over at Knit, Drink, Knit, Drink made with the Dead Kitty design!

Can I just say “Yay”! Normally I’d nerd out about “Isn’t the Internet cool because we can share ideas, blah blah blah,” except I’ve been saying that for ten years and even I get tired of it. But no way would I get tired of seeing my ideas running loose! It’s an amazing feeling — like raising a wild animal and letting it go and seeing if it’ll survive on its own.

Not that dead cats are alive, but you get the idea.

Do not trust a smile this cheerful

Bella silk peek-a-book scarfLili models the silk peek-a-boo scarf from Bella Knitting. Observant readers of the Bella Blog will notice the scarf is tied in an Ivy knot.

Photos of knitting count as knitting content, right?

That’s been my big knitting thing this week: taking photos for Bella Knitting. My friend Lili was my model, and the photos turned out great. The part that cracks me up when I go through the photos from the shoot is how perky Lili looks. We’ve been best friends for ten years, and in all that time I’ve known her as fiery, opinionated, raunchy and hilarious, but all the photos for this shoot came out so dang wholesome. We’re talking a Sears photo department level of charming.

In pattern-related news, I’m still working on the two-color brioche hat and scarf set, and the thing is finally near done. The pattern design process was pretty typical for me: I usually spend a day working out the difficult major premise (in this case knitting two-color brioche with two colors at the same time, one in each hand) and spend a month on the details. I’ve been trying to work out a way to decrease brioche stitch neatly, easily and in pattern, and it’s freakin’ killing me. I checked out the Interweave Knits issue with the big brioche article but their method looked even more complicated and silly than the one I had brewing in my head, so I resigned myself to spending weeks knitting and re-knitting the top of the hat until I had something I loved instead of tolerated.

I’ve ripped out the same two inches of fabric for two weeks so many times that I no longer even flinch at the prospect of taking 64 stitches and their associated yarnovers off the needles, ripping back and capturing all those stitches again. The perseverance is paying off, though: by the time I’m done, the decreases at the top will be just as beautiful as the rest of the hat. By my guess, it’ll be at least another couple of weeks before I get the pattern out: what with school, working at the paper and some freelance gigs on the side, I barely have time to sleep, let alone knit.

Brioche stitch hat in progressBrioche stitch in progress. Touching this thing feels like being hugged by a winning lottery ticket covered in kitten fur and clouds.