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Digging through the toy chest

I’ve still got several ideas and techniques in varying states of completion. On the list are a two-fisted two-color brioche stitch tutorial and a pattern for a crocheted hat with kitty ears, but they’re taking forever, since I’ve been celebrating the end of finals week by barely leaving the house for two days. It’s 7:45 at night now, and I haven’t even changed out of my bathrobe yet.

In the meantime, I dug through my favorite toy patterns on del.icio.us and have brought y’all the highlights. All but the jellyfish are free. I haven’t road tested them all, but I will. Gir and Vince are next on my list, once I finish the Totoro I’m working on. Pictures will follow, of course!

Totoros and long tails

Dammit, someone beat me to making an amigurumi Totoro! Good thing, too, because it looks way better than what I could invent with my rudimentary crochet design skills right now. At least there’s a pattern!

Amigurumi Totoro
Are you ready for this level of cute? I think not.

Obsessive much?

So, I’ve figured out how to knit brioche stitch flat on single-pointed needles, instead of knitting across each row with first one color and then the other with double-points or a circular. It requires being able to knit two-handed. Is this the kind of thing the Internet would care about, or are there so few people who can knit two-handed and want to shave ten seconds off each row of a scarf that I shouldn’t bother?

I guess the Long Tail theory — basically, the idea that the demand for less-popular ideas or products adds up to a significant part of one’s customer base — will eventually inspire me to do a tutorial on it. There are a million articles about casting on, but so far I haven’t found any about making brioche stitch less fiddly, and that kind of over-specific, trivia-bordering-on-mania content is exactly what I love about the Internet.