Summer knitting

Don’t get me wrong, Ukiah is gorgeous, but damned if it didn’t get hot when I was there for the weekend. The heat started to pick up around nine in the morning, hit 100º by noon and didn’t let up until deep into evening. During the day, you see why California is called the Golden State: nothing but pure blue sky and the rolling, straw-colored, sometimes oak-studded hills that cover the central and northern parts of the state for hundreds of miles.

Fortunately, I found a secret to knitting in that kind of heat: shade and lace-weight wool. The feather-light fabric doesn’t suffocate you, and tiny needles make for tiny movements that don’t get you all sweaty, while you distract yourself with pristine scenery like this:

After a recent trip to unusually sweatsock-damp and stormy Boulder, Colorado, and frying in the dry wine-country heat, it’s pretty great to be back in cloudy-cool Oakland and San Francisco.