Temescal hat

Knit from the top down to the brim in anything from sock- to aran-weight yarn, Temescal is a hat as multifaceted as the Oakland neighborhood it’s named after. It’s wispy and delicate in soft colors or lightweight yarn; low-key but deep in solids or semisolids; or satisfyingly bold and chunky (and warm!) at heavier gauges.

  • Shown in Pigeonroof Knits High Twist Sock

The easy, unusual textured stitch pattern knits up quickly even at finer weights, since it has you knitting with two strands of yarn at once, and does a great job of taming even the most vibrant or pooling-prone hand-dyed yarns.

The pattern includes a photo tutorial, tips for adapting the pattern for Magic Loop, and a detailed schematic for three different stripe patterns — including one created to show off the gradient-dyed mini-skein kits from my local favorite indie dyer, Pigeonroof Studios.

Price: $5 USD
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Skill level

Confident beginner/comfortable intermediate: The top-down construction takes some concentration, but once you get a few rounds in it’s smooth sailing all the way down to the brim.


Any gauge from sock-weight to aran.



Find links to recommended cast-on techniques and tutorials at the Temescal Ravelry page.