What to knit for Occupy

I live six blocks from Occupy Oakland. My neighborhood sounds like a war zone. I don’t have any real activist cred, but I believe the Occupy protests need room and protection. And I’m a knitter. I want to keep people warm.

There’s already a beautiful hat pattern on Ravelry dedicated to the Occupy Wall Street movement, but if you’re thinking of donating knitted goods to your local Occupy camp, especially as the temperatures drop, here are some things to consider:

  • Soft, 100-percent wool items are comfortable and stay warm even when wet.
  • Tight hats and long mitts are warmer and are less likely to get lost.
  • You can knit or embroider information like arrest hotlines into the garment, on the inside where they’re less likely to be noticed. (For the Bay Area, the National Lawyer’s Guild San Francisco chapter‘s arrest hotline is (415) 285-1011 ).
  • You can double- or triple-strand worsted-weight yarn to knit quickly at a bulky gauge.
  • Fingerless mitts knit up really quickly, but in less temperate climates, mittens are warmer.
  • If you’re donating yarn and knitting supplies (there are knitters out there!), you can add printouts of simple patterns that require minimal gear or can be knitted flat and sewn up.

Here are some pattern suggestions for bulky and super bulky yarn:

Hats knitted in the round

Hats knitted flat and seamed

Crocheted hats

Mitts knitted in the round

Mitts and mittens knitted flat