Stubborn just isn’t the word

Good god. Judging by my knitting habits, my headstone’s gonna read “COULDN’T LET WELL ENOUGH ALONE.”

I’m on my second project in a month where I decided I wanted to make something, found at least three different patterns for it, and scrapped all of them for not being perfect enough and decided to knit my own. And I am! The latest is coming along gorgeously, now that I’ve rejected nearly every single possible method I could use to build the thing for not being utterly and fanatically true to my vague vision.

First the edging in the one pattern I kind of liked wasn’t right, see, and I wanted an i-cord cast-on, but what should it be, two or three stitches wide? Then the first row of stitches was too loose, so I had to figure out how to fix that, and then the staghorn cable wasn’t wide enough, and then it wasn’t, well, staghorn enough, and all of that was after I figured out that ribbing the rest of it just wasn’t gonna work, and should I or should I not leave a purl gutter next to the seed stitch I settled on instead of the ribs?

Which is why it’s taken me three days of knitting to make … let’s see …

… two inches of a fingerless glove.

On the plus side, the yarn is fantastic to work with, a wool/alpaca blend that is totally itch-free and plush as a kitten. And, sadly, discontinued. Which is unfortunate, since my single large skein of it, while gamely playing along with the yarn-eating cable I chose, will never reach my elbows.

Damn. So close.

Now that my knitted spats are done but for the buttons — all existing spats patterns were rejected, by the way, because I couldn’t knit them with stripes going up instead of across — it’s only a few more days until I finally, finally, finally get to knit something just by following what a pattern says.