Photography, and a swatch not long for this world


Swatching feels good. I ended ripping out this entire thing once I figured out what it had to tell me. I’m the kind of person who sketches things out almost entirely in my head and on paper, and swatches purely to check the numbers.

It’s been nice turning my sketches from the last few weeks into something real, and having a schedule that’s reasonable enough that I can innovate again. Work got so bad for a long time that I couldn’t knit anything beyond what a pattern told me to.

I also got to flex some different creative muscles recently, on a photo shoot in Joshua Tree for some chosen family in bourbon and cowboy boots, Outlaw Soaps, complete with burritos at sunrise and hasty costume changes in an open field and sand in just about everything.

The outlaws themselves

It was nice remembering that, right, I do know my way around a camera. Danielle’s and Russ’ pure joy as they proofed photos together meant a lot. She’s one of those people you hear about who quits a fancy tech job to relentlessly pursue a dream, so company photos that make them feel happy and excited aren’t just marketing material — they’re fuel that helps keep a dream running.

Anyway, back to swatching and writing up some patterns that have been a long time coming. Also, I’m trying out posting from my phone with this updateand lemme tell you, it’s cool, but pretty inconvenient.

Here — until next time, have some pure, high-proof Joshua Tree sunrise.