I have a fingerless glove pattern I’ve been working on for ages. I finished the prototype three years (!!!) and two apartments ago. The pattern itself has survived a hard drive crash, chronic disorganization, the launching of my grown-up career and the concomitant working all the goddamn time and essentially shelving my knit design aspirations, a fairly long “why the hell does the world need another fingerless glove pattern — oh, right, it doesn’t” phase, a chunk of “my god I’ll never get this stupid, stupid thing done” ennui, and finally one last bout of “the hell with it; in three years I’ve only seen a couple patterns like this, and I like mine better, so screw you, world.”

It’s been so long that I can finally test-knit it myself, since I’ve completely forgotten the intricacies of how the pattern works and can look at it like a stranger — a very, very confused stranger, as good lord did this thing contain some baffling errors and do my baroque design solutions only make sense while I’m working them out. When I hit a design snag, for a week or so I exist in a fever state, constantly knitting and shaping and folding and testing gauge in my head, until the whole solution springs whole from my forehead and onto the desk, like an Athena trailing yarn ends, stitch markers and uncountable illegible chicken scratches on envelopes all over the house.

But, after plowing through it twice in the last month, I can proudly say that I fried the last pattern bug with a metaphorical magnifying glass yesterday, and the pattern is now tested.

In one of three sizes.


Almost there.
I had nothing to do with these colors, if you're wondering. It was a request.