Saint Valentine

Bolt shawl

I finished a project! It took me months and months, but I love it. I love the colors, it’s loaded with my favorite thing — stripes! — and lots of them, the asymmetrical shape means it stays put on my shoulders, and it feels like a cloud.

I even got motivated enough to get a replacement memory card for my camera, and took the first non-cell-phone photo I’ve taken in months. It’s sort of a blurry mess, but I’ll have a chance at a do-over once it’s daytime and I have some natural light.

I named the project for a Gregory Alan Isakov song on the day I finally got to see him in concert last summer, and wove in all the ends on the way to a concert in Sacramento this week to see another band, Typhoon. I’m, uh, motivated about music, you could say.